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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Why Do We Need Another Church In Nigeria?

Why Do We Need Another Church In Nigeria?


1. Why the need for another church in Lagos Nigeria?

Within religious circles there exists great tension over the issue of including homosexuals. For persons who are Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender, there are too few or perhaps no places that wholly affirm these individuals who are Christians, self-affirming, and homosexuals. It is our calling to provide a corrective and a viable alternative. We desire to be a place of extravagant welcome for all persons — especially persons seeking a community built on honesty, openness, and equity. We believe the call that we have received comes from God and is both specific and radical. We seek to reach persons on the margins of society and make the table of the Lord accessible to all.

2. What is your denominational affiliation?

We are affiliated with the denomination of the Universal Fellowship of the Metropolitan Community Churches, founded on the 6th October 1968, in Los Angeles United States of America, founded by Rev Elder Troy D. Perry; the mission is currently under the leadership of Rev Elder Nancy L. Wilson as Moderator. We are a denomination working for unity and justice in both church and society.

3. What is Radical Inclusivity?

Radical inclusivity is the belief that all persons are welcome at the table. Inclusivity challenges major fundamental, deep-seated beliefs, doctrines and theologies at the centre of society which characterize people on the edge as enemies of God and routinely mistreats, oppresses and excludes people from the community of faith and its institutions.

4. What will the worship experience look like at House Of Rainbow, Metropolitan Community Church Lagos Nigeria?

Our worship style is celebrative and contemplative — free and open to the Spirit. We will seek to provide a rich blend of a variety of traditions - Pentecostal, Baptist, Apostolic, Methodist - just to name a few. We seek to provide an experience that values ritual, tradition, and yet one that is open to a God who is still speaking. We will also provide a space for persons to examine the deeper meaning of our traditions and faith expressions. Whether it is through our powerful praise and worship, the performing arts, or through social ministry that is grounded in love, we will seek to be a balanced people who embody the transforming and liberating love of Jesus Christ.

5. How do I become a member?

Membership is open to all. We now hold weekly bible studies, regular Membership Foundation Class and other programmes. Please contact us at to receive information regarding time and location.

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