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Monday, 19 April 2010

Prayer Over the Volcanic Ash

Prayer Over the Volcanic Ash

Please join us to pray over the volcanic ash, it is now four days since the news of the volcanic ash eruption.

Flights over the United Kingdom and Nordic countries have been delayed and in many cases suspended after a volcanic eruption have sent tons of particulate matter into the air. Let us pray for the mercy of God and guide the government on the way forward to bring people to their destinations safely.

The gigantic ash cloud hinders visibility to pilots, and in addition the matter can be sucked into plane engines, causing them to stall. The plume has risen between 20,000 feet and 36,000 feet.

Let us pray for the thousands of air travelers all over the world who have been stranded as flights have been cancelled.

Loving God we are thankful for your intervention in our world and we ask you to please help us to move this Ash Cloud further away from the air path in order that flights may resume, that businesses may begin recovery, that people may return home and to work.

Thank you Lord for answered prayers, amen.

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