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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


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Dearly Beloved Friend, and welcome to the House Of Rainbow discussion forum. We are very happy that posters have freedom of expression, but here are a few rules we insist you abide by, otherwise your posts may be deleted:

1. Only post relevant posts in a topic.

2. No Personal Attacks/Flaming/Shouting. If you do not agree with the views of a particular person, by all means discuss it with them, but do not respond in a way which attacks the person rather than their views. Please avoid SHOUTING!

3. No "adult" material and no swearing/bad language. This includes quotes from other materials or other people.

4. Please be reasonably concise anything over 1000 words may be difficult to follow. You can include hyperlinks to give references to longer material.

5. Please Respect the Moderator. The Moderator's decision is final, and his/her wishes must be complied with. He/she can edit and delete questions and postings if necessary.

6. No Unreasonable Pseudonyms. Of course people can use pseudonyms to protect their identity, but not if they are unreasonable or arrogant.

7. Disclaimer: the postings here are not endorsed in any way by the Moderator or by House Of Rainbow e-group. The Moderator does not pre-filter postings and can only visit from time to time. Anyone viewing or joining the group may do so only if they accept these rules and that House Of Rainbow e-group and the Moderator are not liable for anything posted by third parties.

Any breach of these guidelines may result in the relevant post/related responses being deleted or edited out, and the offender being prevented from posting. With these guidelines we hope that House Of Rainbow e-group continues to be a productive forum for growing spiritual understanding.

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