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Monday, 17 January 2011

2011 - House Of Rainbow’s Year of Rewards and Compensations.

2011 - House Of Rainbow’s Year of Rewards and Compensations.

In 2008 as many people may recount, House Of Rainbow and myself ran into serious trouble with the Nigerian media, it was indeed our annus horribilis. Many of our members were displaced, some fired from their jobs and evicted from their homes, many where disowned by their families, my home in Isolo was badly vandalised and looted of every valuable items. These were not reported by the callous minded editors of the Nigerian press. As far as they are concerned they have achieved the unachievable. What we did after that was to pick ourselves up, shake off the dust of intolerance and begin the rather tedious journey of rebuilding our ministry, we set up online support and started to network within the country, across religious groups and people. We also worked with many safe house projects to protect vulnerable people. Now we are stronger in 2011, we are building alliances with civil society and other groups, we are present on facebook with nearly 2000 friends, Private interactive forum for devotion and prayers with over 600 members, Youtube, twitter and our own webpage, we are reaching thousands of people in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, UK, USA and elsewhere, than we ever did in the time we were in Nigeria alone. We are proud of the many resilient men and women, supporters of House Of Rainbow abroad and especially those in Nigeria.

2011 we are determined to do more, create more Voluntary Local Leaders, expand on our theologies, increase the attendance and spiritual upliftment of our members, friends and alliances in Nigeria, Ghana, UK, USA, and elsewhere, reconstitute new groups and Fellowships across UK, Nigeria and around Africa, groups of people willing to Praise and Worship God, just as they are. We are asking you good people to consider supporting House Of Rainbow Fellowship.

1) Become a friend/member, 2) Say regular prayers for us, 3) Worship with us in London and Manchester 4) Join our online networks, facebook/twitter/youtube, 5) Tell others about and or invite them to House of Rainbow, 6) Become a Local Leader for House Of Rainbow, 7) visit us at 8) Call/SMS on +447507510357, 9) Skype us @ Revjide, 10) Donate generously.

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