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Monday, 17 January 2011

My Daddy said - "Happy New Year to My Lovely Gay Son".

My Daddy said - "Happy New Year to My Lovely Gay Son".
A postponed visit to Nigeria after several years of estrangement took place a few weeks ago, I want to share this experience with my new found friends. I came out as gay in 1994 after a troubled heterosexual life, my "Coming Out" was a devastation merged with so many religious bashing, I was hated, called an abomination etc. When my family found out I was gay, many of my siblings Stopped speaking with me, my mother was the only one who comforted me and acted natural, when my father got to know it was three years of hell and then I realised that I could lose him, I concluded that if my earthly father can react with such hatred what would my Heavenly father do?, afteral I believed that I am wonderfully made and created in the image of God. My only answer was prayer and more prayers. Many people at House Of Rainbow in Nigeria (and a few more outside Nigeria) have met my dad and he is a wonderful typical Yoruba man, in 2008 he was caught unaware in the Nigerian media frenzy that nearly crippled his reputation but not his love and relation with his son, while the headlines read Hatred, his heart was filled with Love. 2011 started with a difference when on the 2nd Jan we went out to Victoria Island for lunch, the peaceful drive provided a great scenery of Lagos. As we sat at lunch and enjoyed each other company. He suddenly said I am pleased that I am having lunch with my gay son, I almost fell out of my chair. I believe many people need to hear this as we struggle with our relationships, especially with parents and families, if we are not loved at home, we can never find that love abroad, I want as many to hold on and be strong, being gay or lesbian is least understood in Nigeria and by Nigerians, one day those who reject us will celebrate and respect us. Jide

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Spectra Speaks said...

This gives me hope. So fortunate to find this. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.